About Justin

Dr Justin Sung teaching an interview workshop in 2017.

Dr Justin Sung is a former medical doctor and founder of JTT, Finding Gravity and co-founder of iCanStudy, working with thousands of students from around the country to provide reliable career advice, support, and academic empowerment.

In addition to JTT and Finding Gravity, Justin is also the co-founder of Foster Our Future, an NZ registered charity aimed at reducing education and opportunities inequities within NZ. Foster Our Future works with schools and other community organisations within NZ to achieve this.

Justin is a co-host of SubCut, a medical podcast looking at less public issues and topics within the medical career, and he also regularly delivers seminars, workshops and courses. He also hosts the Bigger Plate podcast – a podcast on increasing and developing personal efficiency.

Social Links

Medical Entry in New Zealand

Justin is NZ’s most experienced medical entry expert and the founder of JTT. Visit the JTT website here. Google and ask about our reputation.

Study Skills and Personal Efficiency

Improve your study and time management skills with Justin’s online courses at Finding Gravity.